Launch of ICE Card-Apr 26 2018-RC Indore Professionals

Rotary Club of Indore Professionals started a Mission in the Indore Traffic Safety Week to issue IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - ICE CARDS to all citizens of Indore, young and old, male and female, small or big. This mission is to assure that the number of deaths due in case of any accidents due to not getting timely care and supervision can be reduced and with this mission we launched the ICE Card. The ICE Card is being distributed free to all citizens of Indore. In the traffic safety week, ICE Card was distributed to Public Conveyance Drivers and was launched on Radio by RJ Gaurav and Ms. Mala Singh Thakur. RCIP Also partnered with OLA Cabs to distribute the same to all their drivers and their passengers for the safety of all citizens of Indore