REGULAR MEETING-Mar 28 2018-RC Bhopal Central

President Rtn Vilas Hastak welcomed everyone and said that today's guest speaker is Mr Rajkumar Keswani-an eminent writer regarding films.He will speak to us on "Bharat mein filmi udyog ki safar nama.Secretary announced that next meeting will be held at Vichar hall on 11 April2018.Rtn Satish Agrawal introduced the guest speaker.Mr Rajkumar Keswani made a detailed talk along with history of Indian cinema.First picture was ALAM ARAA.Technological changes brought about exciting changes in our cinema.He talked about famous music directors and their immense talent.Whole house was spell bound and there was a pin drop silence.More querries were answered by him during question and answer session.OVERALL A VERY GOOD TALK.A vote of thanks was extended by Rtn Nilesh Mathrani. After National Anthem fellowship and dinner followed.(Photos are being sent on Whatts Up)